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Information Science and Software R&D Center, FinTech, Bank of M--n


"We have worked with HankTimes for three projects, and HankTimes helped a lot during our tough time. We are impressed by the HankTimes staff's dedication and innovation. HankTimes do become our trustworthy business partner..."

Mr ZX Chen

Senior Director, U---Pay


"We were very impressed with HankTimes' recruitment and management of technical staff. The HankTimes service staff provided us with a lot of good developer information in just one week, which exceeded our expectations. The HankTimes staff who joined our project not only completed the tasks we assigned to them but also gave us a lot of valuable suggestions on our business and software, which was very helpful to our company... "

Mr HW Gao

Fl---y Travel Agent, A-- Group


"Before our cloud project started, I thought HankTimes could provide us with the technical staff we needed like a typical ITO company. When we finished the project, we believed that HankTimes had done a good job of impressing me. It is a goodbusiness partner we could trust and whom we could also learn a lot from regarding talent management, software development methodology, project management, and many other aspects. We are sure we will have more cooperation in the future."

Mrs M Chu

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