X--a Insurance

The middleware layer is part of the overall service architecture of the X--a Insurance. It is divided into a distributed framework of the external access layer, ATS service,internal access layer service, ACS service, and BOS service, which provides essential services for other services.

It includes services like:
1. Credit Card Inquiry Service: Provide credit card and other inquiry services to support credit card processing and other businesses.
2. Flexible Transactions: Involved in business processing when data consistency issues and transactions are used to ensure the correctness of data.
3. Integrated ACS Service: Multiple services of the calls service, the integrated service can be provided in the middle station, and the user only needs to call the interface once to complete the business processing function.
4. Batch Processing Service: The platform provides a particular batch processing service to complete related functions with high performance when processing batch upload or batch import.

The value of this project, e.g.:
It provides X--a Insurance with a distributed service platform with a highly available,high performance, and scalable middleware layer.
The cost of the service is massively reduced. Since now X--a Insurance can use lower spec PC servers to fabric a distributed network to meet the requirements. The procurement cost is deducted, and it can also be expanded quickly, benefiting X--a
Insurance for the long-term.
The distributed service framework integrates many middlewares, which makes project management very convenient. It reduces development and deployment costs if divided into multiple small systems and provides convenience for future project upgrades.